Fusion AI Partners LLP invests in companies which can:

  • Contribute to and capitalize on our existing intellectual property, solutions and technology or services of our portfolio companies.
  • Benefit from the vision, experience and capabilities of the Partners through their hands-on approach.
  • Offer technology solutions that can be harnessed in innovative ways to address a broad base of business problems.

We are always looking for any potential investments which will extend, scale, or help integrate our portfolio such that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. In addition, we are looking for management team members who can contribute vision to our own, who have an entrepreneurial streak, who thrill in providing fresh thinking to challenging client business problems, and who are unyielding in their pursuit of success in a team environment.

We don’t have a static, formula-driven approach to our search for prospective investments, because our ‘art of the possible’ philosophy and our vision allows us to detect and unlock potential value more so than the standard private equity due diligence approach, which typically is myopically focused on leading or trailing twelve month financials.

If you are interested in exploring the art of the possible with Fusion AI Partners concerning your firm, please visit our portfolio companies to provoke thoughts on how your company can contribute to our investment objectives, and then contact us.